Chi Omega through and through / by Amanda Liew

I know I just posted yesterday, but I HAD to post again after receiving a care package from my Chi Omega sisters!! I knew that one was coming since it’s Sisterhood tradition, but I had no idea I’d be feeling this much love through an adorable T-shirt, letter, and signed post card from all the girls. So here is a HUGE thank you to everyone from Chi O!

I can honestly say that I read through every single signature on my post card and each one actually meant something (I’m so sappy I know!!!). As proof:

  • Dear big, I am utterly happy that the phrase LITTLE!!!!!! has replaced all of our actual names.
  • Dear little, I love that you signed as “baby Amanda”
  • Mallika, thanks for racially profiling me in 5 small words. It’s a good thing we’re friends. Love, Mulan
  • Nicole, I will #tweetatyou within the next 30 seconds
  • Foong, your signature with the smiley face and the oo is brilliant
  • And to everyone else, I love you and I miss you!!

This package couldn’t have come at a better time since I’ve been a little homesick for Penn. Many thanks to Sisterhood for putting this adorable care package together :) Also - I actually have a “fake” cell number I can text through using this app on my iphone. It only works when I’m using wifi, but it is 858-215-3286. Text me and I’ll be so so happy to hear from you!!