Punting and Sneaking in Cambridge / by Amanda Liew

Punting. Sneaking. Those two words pretty much sum up my entire adventure in Cambridge this past Saturday with Sarah M, Jose, and Matt. Originally the plan was to go to Cardiff for the day, but that fell through and we found a great deal to go to Cambridge so we took it! It’s so great being able to come up with a Plan B that fast since everything here is so close.

Right after we stepped off the train, we were already seeing such amazing history and architecture around us. This is the Catholic Church of Our Lady and The English Martyrs:

The minute we got to Cambridge, we knew what our first activity should be: punting. Yes, it sounds dirty, but it’s not. Punting is essentially a gondola ride down the Thames river except the boat is flatter and kind of box-like, and instead of oars you have a giant stick that you put on the bottom of the river to push the boat forward. It’s a lot easier than it looks. We nominated poor Matt to be our punter while the other three of us relaxed, took pictures, and admired the super good looking professional punters who made it look like a subset of the Olympics just for Beautiful People. Exhibit A:

Going punting was one of the best ideas because we got to see a ton of the Cambridge colleges from an unobstructed view. Not to mention the fall colors were beyond gorgeous:

Matt hard at work:
The famous King’s College (not my college, another King’s!):

We then went for some yummy lunch at an adorable little cafe. Jose got a full English breakfast

After, we went on a walk to try to see if we could actually sneak into some of the colleges by pretending to be students hahah. Some of them were actually free so no sneaking was necessary.
Trinity College:

Queen’s College (right next to King’s College!):
St. John’s College:
The Bridge of Sighs - it was named after the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. The myth is that this is where you could hear the many sighs of students right before exams:

Yet again, can you believe people actually go to school here?:

Finally finally, Matt and I were able to get into the actual King’s College and wow was it glorious!

Overall, the trip was such a success. Before, I was really worried that I would be “wasting my weekends” since I didn’t have too many trips planned for October, but I really got such a great opportunity to travel around the UK! I think I would have really regretted it if I didn’t go to Windsor, Oxford, and Cambridge. I hope that at some point I can still make it out to Cardiff, Stonehenge, and Bath!