If the Colonists were Brits, why don't you guys celebrate Thanksgiving? / by Amanda Liew

It was a Thanksgiving miracle, really. Up until Monday of this week, I was convinced that Thanksgiving was going to be a huge bust. It was impossible to organize anybody in time to make reservations for an American pub dinner, and I had absolutely no idea how to cook an entire meal myself. Panic set in as I started realizing that this might be the first time in twenty years that I would miss Thanksgiving. But finally, Lauren gave me a great little pep talk and we decided WE WERE GOING TO DO THANKSGIVING RIGHT. Luckily, our Thanksgiving miracle came in the form of Stephen - ironically, he’s British. But he’s a good cook! And he was even more determined than we were to do Thanksgiving all the way. This is Stephen:

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I eagerly made an event and invited as many people as possible. Within a few days we had 20 people RSVPd to attend! Stephen and Judith went to get loads of groceries early Wednesday morning to prepare:

See that on the left? That’s a twenty-pound turkey.
My contribution was a green bean casserole! Normally, I’m a lazy American and I use 3 types of cans: Cream of Mushroom Can, Green Bean Can, French’s Fried Onions!

BUT since we’re in the UK and all, you can’t find this anywhere. So Thursday night Sarah and I cut up a bunch of onions, battered them, and then fried them ourselves! The completed masterpiece ended up looking and tasting great if I do say so myself:

Aside from Sebastien’s Paula-Deen-style mac and cheese (“more cheese y’all!”) and some other side dishes, Flat 20 pretty much handled the rest. I can’t believe the turkey actually cooked!


The whole feast. We had the turkey, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, green bean casserole, baked sweet potato, gravy, mulled wine, cider, cranberry sauce, smoked vegetables, and stuffing. Before:


As you can see, we pretty much demolished the meal. I think about 25 people showed up! It was so crowded that we had to set up chairs in the hallway since the kitchen is so tiny.

And don’t forget the dessert! Pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate pecan pie!
Oh, and we had pilgrim and native american hats - how awesome is that?

Overall, everything was a grand success! It still blows my mind that we were all able to pull this off in a couple of days. Not to mention, I was essentially eating with the true colonists, the Brits :)