Chi Omega, Yours Forever / by Amanda Liew

Sorority rush is finally over! As long and tiring as the process can be, I have to admit that rush really brings everyone together. For one crazy week, you get the chance to see almost all of your sisters every day, catch up with the girls who went abroad last semester (my little little, Hanna, went to London *sniff*), and talk to some amazing new girls who are potential little “owl babies.”

During the workshop for Pref Round, we get a chance to share with each other why we chose Chi O, and how Chi O has impacted our lives. Every year that we go through this, I get a chance to remember and reflect on how much has changed because of a choice I made freshman year. If it weren’t for Philine giving me enough courage to go to a Habitat meeting together, we would have joined the Fundraising Committee, we would have never been Co-Fundraising Chairs together, and I would have never become Co-President of a club I loved. If I never entered Greek life, I never would have found Greek IV (my Christian fellowship for sorority/fraternity members). While I’m sure God would have led me to a fellowship elsewhere, I just can’t imagine my college experience without the amount of community and support I have found through fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who also understand what it’s like to be Christian and Greek. I would have never met my Big who is my mentor and the big sister I always wanted, and I would have never would have met 2/5 of my current roommates. It’s crazy to think about how that one decision to join Chi Omega changed the trajectory of my life forever. 

And of course, with all these lovely ladies, we always have an amazing time!
Skit Round with Cameron:
Preference Round with Callan and Meggie
Bid night with Maddieimage
Seniors on Bid Nightimage

The Chi Omega Symphony

To live constantly above snobbery of word or deed;
To place scholarship before obligations and character before appearances;
To be, in the best sense, democratic rather than ‘exclusive,’ and lovable rather than ‘popular’;
To work earnestly, to speak kindly, to act sincerely, to choose thoughtful that course which occasion and conscience demand;
To be womanly always; to be discouraged never:
In a word, to be loyal under any and all circumstances to my Fraternity and her highest teachings and to have her welfare ever at heart that she may be a symphony of high purpose and helpfulness in which there is no discordant note.