Forever Explorer: Elie Saab / by Amanda Liew

Whether intentional or subconscious, the past year I've started developing a growing interest in fashion. While this hasn't completely translated over to my own personal style (one day...), I've begun to fall in love with haute couture. I'm not quite sure how it all started, but I suspect it has to do with Pinterest. One designer I've come to adore is Elie Saab. His dresses embody the perfect combination of sophistication and glamour. His pieces are created with what looks like the softest materials, yet the embellishments add a certain amount of strength and power. Here are my favorite images from Fashion Week Spring 2013. The pieces are truly captivating! For the full collection and more designers, WMagazine has an excellent image gallery. There's nothing worse than a gallery that takes 30 seconds to browse each outfit!

Look 23 Image Look 30 Image

Look 31 Image

Look 35 Image

Source: WMagazine