Big Little Week...or rather Big Big Big - Little Week / by Amanda Liew

I'm incredibly sad to say that I've wrapped up my last big-little week ever! Essentially, big little week is an entire week dedicated to loving your "little" anonymously by showering her with gifts, decorations, singing fraternity pledges, and more. The entire week, the Little has no idea (hahah or at least that's how it's supposed to be) who her Big is until Revelation at the end of the week. My phenomenal lineage, The Sweet Life Lineage, got an AWESOME new addition: Annie! She's way too cool for me. Ever since I got Amanda R as my little, our lineage has gotten progressively cooler and edgier. My poor Big, Lauren (see her awesome fashion blog here!), and I are total dweebs compared to them hahah. Even though seniors don't usually participate that much in Big Little Week, I couldn't resist and forced Hanna (my Little Little) to let me paint posters, buy gifts, and bake cinnamon rolls! Too much fun. _DSC0006

We've lost a lot of continuity and tradition in our lineage, but the one tradition that has persisted is doing a different theme for each day of the week! Study Day, Party Day, Our Favorite Things Day, Love Day (Valentine's Day), and Chi Omega Day! _DSC0024

On Thursday, we have our "My Tie" Date Party where the Big sets up the Little with a date. She gives the Little the date's tie, and the Little wears her date's tie to the party! Eventually, her date will come find her by identifying his tie. #adorable

What's a party without a pre-party? Celebrating at Maddie & Alyssa's house:


Maddie and her date, Mark:


Julio was FINALLY able to attend one of our date parties! I think Maddie and I have asked him at least 4 times in the past year alone. Of course, it was insanely fun and we took over the dance floor like maniacs._DSC0033_edit

Revelation Night! Annie finds out the weirdos who are in her lineage!! I painted a sign just for the occasion. Hanna, Annie, Amanda R, and myself:_DSC0115

Already so much loving between the Big and Little! _DSC0117

And of course, as the matriarch of the lineage, I made them take this photo. Amanda R nicknamed me "Biggie Smalls" - can you guess why? _DSC0142