The Top 8 Most Awkward Moments of 2013 / by Amanda Liew

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In honor of Buzzfeed and how they don't come up with rounded lists because they can't think of enough things, I present my top 8 most awkward moments of 2013 accompanied with a photo of myself looking like a burrito. 8. That time I passed out in one of my first Monday morning meetings at work.

7. That time a random doorman asked me on a date, and I oddly responded with a "Oh I'm good, thanks!!!" as if he offered me an appetizer.

6. That time the stranger I photographed on the streets of West Philly (who also took a picture of me on his cell phone) recognized me a few weeks later and insisted on walking me to class and giving me a hug.

5. That time a guy at Shake Shack tried to hit on me by feeding a bird a hamburger bun seductively #onlyinNewYork.

4. That time I had a five minute conversation with someone in the kitchen at work thinking he was somebody else and then told my entire group the wrong person was in the kitchen and everybody went to say hi.

3. That time a clearly-pregnant woman and a possibly-pregnant-but-I-have-no-clue woman got on the subway and I got up to offer the clearly-pregnant woman my seat. And then she said no. And I didn't know if I should extend the offer to the possibly-pregnant woman so I just...slowly sat back down.

2. That time a non-Asian woman tried to convert me to Christianity by handing me a pamphlet written in Chinese after I conversed with her in perfect English. I had to explain to her that I was a) already a Christian and b) couldn't read Chinese.

1. That time the waiter brought out the cake and everybody started singing happy birthday...but I was in the bathroom.

Hope 2014 is filled with even more awkwardness! Happy New Years!

Added thanks to Kevin's memory: That time I went to church on the Upper East Side with a male Asian friend and someone said to him "So, is this your wife???"