The Photograph Collective: Plenty Moving, Little Crossing / by Amanda Liew


For our 3rd (yes, we've reached 3!) project for The Photograph Collective, we had to work on the project "Tell somebody else's story." Having been the one to come up with the idea initially, I quickly hated myself because of how difficult the task was! Many of us struggled with what story we wanted to tell - a real one? a fictional one? I felt that in order to challenge myself, I ought to go for a more documentary approach since that isn't something I've experienced before. However, roadblocks with my work schedule and various other factors all got in the way. In the end, I decided to tell a story but to remove the subjects themselves. I wanted to tell the story of roommates and how it's very possible in this busy city to go days without seeing someone who only lives 10 feet away from you. Overall, I'm happy with the way that the progression played out and had a lot of fun working in a GIF format. However, the image quality is so poor over GIF and the colors became so distorted, I'm not sure I will choose to use this format again (perhaps a video timelapse would have worked better.) Many thanks to my dear friends Victoria, Tutu, Kristin and Brittany for opening up their home to me for a night of shooting! I'm happy to say that they actually see each other quite often and share their space together throughout the day. To see the full project along with the critiques, please check out the original post at The Photograph Collective: