13 Reasons Why Going to Amanda's Birthday Party Will Dramatically Improve Your Life And Keep You Informed On the Crisis in Syria! by Amanda Liew

  1. My birthday marks the first day of Spring and the official end of this eternal polar vortex!goodbyewinter
  2. I've worked super hard at curating the PERFECT playlist and can't wait until I show you guys! photo (23)
  3. There's almost a 100% guarantee that there will be baked goods on baked goods on baked goods baked goods
  4. If you also happen to have a severe allergy to alcohol like me, no worries at all because instead of waking up hung over the next day you'll... flawless
  5. There's always a reason to celebrate when I was born an enormous 10 pounds and 1 ounce which is essentially 150% of the average birth weight. High achiever from Day 1? Sounds like it. photo (20)
  6. Chances are, I'll get overly excited and hashtag #citylivingcityloving non-stop (like seriously - I'm the ONLY person on Instagram using this hashtag...)photo (24)
  7. At some point in the night you'll probably have to take a group photo and learn to sorority squat and skinny arm like a pro photo (28)
  8. We just bought these insulators for our apartment, so if your landlord is cheap and you need a warm place to stay - we've got you.Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 12.06.50 AM
  9. Rumor has it Miley Cyrus will be in attendance and she may or may not be enforcing the rule "We Can't Stop" kelly rowland
  10. There will probably be a few moments where someone dances on an elevated surface I-volunteer-as-tribute
  11. You'll get a chance to meet someone new in New York City and that someone could just be your best friend or soul mate high five
  12. If you can't make it, it's totally fine!i hate everyone
  13. But if you can make it, it's even better!liz lemon

Hope to see you there!

Amanda & Merry's Apartment 57 East 97th Street, Apartment 2 Saturday, March 22 9:00PM until we can't wake up #flawless

RSVP to the party below: [googleapps domain="docs" dir="forms/d/1gMRmgyczOst7L9cyyLNODPM48PBs1iQPNYfLeb3cBmc/viewform" query="embedded=true" width="760" height="500" /]

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Growing Up the Blog by Amanda Liew

I've always had a little bit of a one-track mind. So when my amazing Big, Lauren, revealed her phenomenal blog, The Pear Shape, to the world today, I couldn't help but notice that she was being powered by WordPress! I asked her what she liked and disliked about WP and told her that I felt likeTumblr wasn't the appropriate website for my blog. I was a total newbie when I first started blogging for abroad. I wanted something quick and simple. Originally I only wanted to dump my photos for my family to view back at home. But as I kept blogging, I realized more and more how much I enjoyed the writing aspect too. My posts started getting longer, and my blog no longer fit in with the short posts and photos that dominate tumblr. On top of that, it's pretty difficult to organize categories, keep track of posts, etc. So within 2 minutes of our conversation, I had created a WordPress account, and spent three hours of my homework time working on my blog design instead. I'm still getting the hang of things, but it's definitely an upgrade in terms or what you can do! Hope this goes well!