The Hayes Wedding

[Stop #2: Annapolis, Maryland] The Hayes Wedding by Amanda Liew

20130525-231732.jpg For my second stop, I headed out to Annapolis for The Hayes Wedding! In previous posts I've talked about the amazing Natalie Franke. A sister in Chi Omega with me, Natalie is honestly one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know. She's poured her entire life into her photography company, Natalie Franke Photography, and never ceases to amaze me with her love for her clients. Though she's usually behind the lens at weddings, tonight I was blessed to be a part of her and Huey's celebration as they officially became husband and wife. Natalie & Huey have been a unit since I met them 4 years ago. They've been together since Natalie was 15 and Huey was 16. Of course, the story was told tonight from so many different perspectives: Thanks to the seemingly random pushing from their parents, the two independently joined the Annapolis Rowing Team and met each other on the first day of practice. Their story was set in motion immediately, and here they are now 7 years later! It's crazy how two individual decisions changed the course of their lives forever. I think if anything, it should encourage us all to take more chances, make more split second decisions, and just try more out there- you never know how it might change your life! The two of them have been such an amazing example of what it looks like to be in a loving and devoted relationship. What I loved the most is how the two of them expressed their love for one another in their own ways- while Natalie read a beautiful letter, Huey built the altar above out of driftwood. Natalie and Huey, I'm so thrilled for you guys on this new chapter in your lives. Thank you so much for letting me share it with you!

Some quick iPhone photos from the night! Terrible quality, I know, but most of the wedding was "unplugged," and it wasn't worth wasting precious dancing time, anyway! I'm actually doing this entire post on the WordPress iPhone app - gotta love technology!


Now we begin our 34+ hour journey to South East Asia! Madeline and I left Baltimore at the crack of dawn this morning, and we're on a train to Princeton to meet up with Mallika. Then it's off to JFK and a layover in Shanghai! Let's hope my Mandarin is at least good enough to get us some food!