Bosie Tea Parlor: For the sophisticated lady in you by Amanda Liew

_DSC0139_Olivia Bachelorette


Taste: 5 / 5 Ambience: 4 / 5 Would you want to eat there again?: I'm already trying to organize my friends to come back! Was the price worth it?: Surprisingly, yes!


A few months ago, my dear dear "niece" Olivia asked me to be one of her bridesmaid and I was simultaneously ecstatic and panicked. Ecstatic because I couldn't wait to help Olivia celebrate a new life and journey with her hilarious fiance Kyle, but also completely panicked because I had no idea what being a bridesmaid even began to entail. Luckily for all of us, Olivia is probably as far away from a bridezilla you can get (but seriously, could you please force some more of your opinions on us?), and she's given us all considerable amounts of freedom. Olivia and her sisters came down to New York City to meet Audrey and I for the bachelorette weekend, and our "main" event was a tea service at Bosie Tea Parlor in West Village.

I had originally found Bosie through their amazing reviews on Yelp. While there are (surprisingly) a lot of places in the city with afternoon tea service, many of them only serve during certain afternoon hours or charge $50-60/person. While Bosie's tea service is definitely more expensive than your average brunch, the $30/person price tag is certainly affordable and perfect for a special occasion. Each person was given their own tea pot, 3 types of tea sandwiches (cut in half, so 6 each), 2 macarons, 2 mini scones with jam and clotted cream and 2 tea cakes. I was originally worried that the restaurant stayed popular due to the "cuteness" of the concept but that the food would be subpar - I was so incredibly happy to be proven wrong! The food was phenomenal and even better, extremely plentiful. We left with 3 boxes of leftovers which were perfect for snacking on during the rest of our day, and all of us raved over each item. I was particularly impressed by the fine details that Bosie included - from the small garnishes on the tea cakes to the tiny glass jars for the jam and clotted cream, it truly made the event feel elegant and special. The display is beautiful enough to suit the sophisticated lady in you, and the ambiance was quaint and adorable. I am not giving the ambiance a full 5/5 because it wasn't quite on-point with the charm you would hope for in a tea parlor. Nevertheless, we were incredibly happy with the venue and I think the bride-to-be was just as pleased.

The most difficult part of the process was that they do not take reservations for groups smaller than 6 and don't have many tables to begin with. However, the woman I spoke to on the phone recommended that I called an hour in advance to get our names on the list which we did. When I explained my situation the day-of, our extremely sweet waitress (who was phenomenal all throughout) made sure to save us a table that could comfortably fit all of us. I highly recommend Bosie Tea Parlor - it's perfect for those special occasions with friends, sisters and mothers!_DSC0120_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0126_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0127_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0128_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0130_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0132_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0134_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0136_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0137_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0139_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0140_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0141_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0142_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0154_Olivia Bachelorette _DSC0156_Olivia Bachelorette

[Stop #2: Annapolis, Maryland] The Hayes Wedding by Amanda Liew

20130525-231732.jpg For my second stop, I headed out to Annapolis for The Hayes Wedding! In previous posts I've talked about the amazing Natalie Franke. A sister in Chi Omega with me, Natalie is honestly one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I know. She's poured her entire life into her photography company, Natalie Franke Photography, and never ceases to amaze me with her love for her clients. Though she's usually behind the lens at weddings, tonight I was blessed to be a part of her and Huey's celebration as they officially became husband and wife. Natalie & Huey have been a unit since I met them 4 years ago. They've been together since Natalie was 15 and Huey was 16. Of course, the story was told tonight from so many different perspectives: Thanks to the seemingly random pushing from their parents, the two independently joined the Annapolis Rowing Team and met each other on the first day of practice. Their story was set in motion immediately, and here they are now 7 years later! It's crazy how two individual decisions changed the course of their lives forever. I think if anything, it should encourage us all to take more chances, make more split second decisions, and just try more out there- you never know how it might change your life! The two of them have been such an amazing example of what it looks like to be in a loving and devoted relationship. What I loved the most is how the two of them expressed their love for one another in their own ways- while Natalie read a beautiful letter, Huey built the altar above out of driftwood. Natalie and Huey, I'm so thrilled for you guys on this new chapter in your lives. Thank you so much for letting me share it with you!

Some quick iPhone photos from the night! Terrible quality, I know, but most of the wedding was "unplugged," and it wasn't worth wasting precious dancing time, anyway! I'm actually doing this entire post on the WordPress iPhone app - gotta love technology!


Now we begin our 34+ hour journey to South East Asia! Madeline and I left Baltimore at the crack of dawn this morning, and we're on a train to Princeton to meet up with Mallika. Then it's off to JFK and a layover in Shanghai! Let's hope my Mandarin is at least good enough to get us some food!