allison gandolfo

The Girl With the Purple Hair: Allison Gandolfo Hair Feature by Amanda Liew

_DSC0017_Amalie Hair Feature

  One of the best parts about living in New York City is that it's the intersection of so many different industries. While I originally moved here for the business world, it's been fantastic meeting friends who have backgrounds in dance, fashion, theatre, technology, architecture, and more. This has opened up a whole new world for collaborations, and I'm so excited to be featuring new projects in very different styles than I typically shoot. Thus, I was absolutely thrilled at the opportunity of photographing hair for a hair portfolio! My dear friend Amalie (who is quite the multi-faceted individual herself with both medical and stand-up comedy interests) went to the fabulous Allison Gandolfo of the John Barrett Salon at the top of Bergdorf-Goodman to try an adventurous hair color before she had to completely dive into the professional world. She came out with bright purple and blue highlights which blended perfectly with her typical jet black hair. I admit, I was hesitant when she first told me her plans, but Allison did such a detailed and well blended job! _DSC0027_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0010_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0014_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0013_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0016_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0026_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0040_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0043_Amalie Hair Feature _DSC0051_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0064_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0072_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0077_Amalie Hair Feature_DSC0058_Amalie Hair FeatureIn terms of photography, this was my first time truly using my prime lens for portraits, and I have to say - I truly understand what the raving is all about! I really liked how the f/3.5 images turned out (the top few photos) and I felt much more involved in the shoot because I was physically moving and interacting with Amalie rather than just zooming my lens in and out. As for shooting hair as the main subject, I found that it was much easier to capture the details in the shade due to her naturally dark hue. I also was very careful with my post-editing, making sure that I didn't alter things too much to ensure that the colors remained as close as possible to reality. However, I made the mistake of over-exposing Amalie's skin a bit too much on some of my shots. The more you shoot and practice, the more you learn!