color wars

Live colorfully, live wonderfully by Amanda Liew


Short post with just photos! Holi is an awesome Indian festival where everybody throws colored powder at each other. My friends and I have been trying to go for all four years at Penn, now, and somehow have missed it every single year! Finally, I was able to check another item off my Penn bucket list. And the best part about it? That underwater camera case protected my point-and-shoot camera perfectly well. Whether I'm sliding down waterfalls or in a colored cloud, it can handle it all! Too bad I don't have a giant version for my DSLR!

Here are some of my favorite images from today:

IMG_6199_edit IMG_6188_edit IMG_6175_editIMG_6209_edit

One of the coolest parts about Holi was how we all looked like one race of people by the end. I'm extremely impressed by the massive amounts of diversity in both these group photos too hahaha:



Immediately after, I headed over to Chi O Color Wars, our spring philanthropy to benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation! Since we didn't know the date Holi was this year, we had planned for a colored powder fight at the end too - but who will ever say no to more color?

IMG_6229_edit IMG_6231_edit IMG_6235_edit IMG_6240_edit

Live colorfully, friends.