cutting the tree

And Christmas Begins! by Amanda Liew


Exactly one year ago, I flew to Rochester for the first time with my brand new DSLR in hand. After so many years of making my cousin Linda and her family fly out to California, it was time for me to give a visit to upstate New York for Thanksgiving! In many ways, one year ago was the start of my photographic journey. It was during this trip one year ago that I realized how much I didn't know about my camera and started fueling the desire to learn more. This year I returned and finally got a chance to experience the freezing yet beautiful weather and experience my first Christmas tree picking. Of course, I had the best time forcing my three gorgeous "nieces" pose for thousands of photos too. _DSC0056 _DSC0067 _DSC0115_Thanksgiving_DSC0079 _DSC0118 _DSC0107 _DSC0055 _DSC0096 _DSC0073_Thanksgiving_DSC0124

Let's be real, Ben did all the work hahah_DSC0138 _DSC0153

_DSC0161_ThanksgivingMy favorite photo of today!_DSC0145_Thanksgiving