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The Other Side of the Camera by Amanda Liew

_DSC0465 Since I've identified myself as a photographer more and more, I've found that I'm in photos less and less. There are so many days where I'll come back home with a hundred photos on my SD card and I'm barely present in any of them. So when Lauren from The Pear Shape and I were doing our photo shoot, I took up her offer for a chance to be on the other side of the camera for once! With such a sharp eye as a fashion blogger, I love the photos she took - perhaps it's the leather jacket or the dark lipstick, but I swear this is the edgiest I've ever looked in my life. Thanks for these amazing photos, Lauren!

_DSC0452 _DSC0477 _DSC0480 _DSC0499 _DSC0461

The Pear Shape: A San Francisco Collaboration by Amanda Liew

_DSC0400_The Pear ShapeFor the majority of my life, I didn't have a role model. Sure, there were certain people I looked up to, but there was never quite anybody that I wanted to emulate. That is, until I met Lauren. As a naive little freshman, when I was paired with Lauren in the Chi Omega house I was blown away that we were from the same hometown. I'm pretty sure I actually uttered, "What are the chances?!" (A year later I would found out that was 100% planned...) Being the out-of-the-loop freshman that I was, I somehow got it into my mind that sorority rush was the equivalent of an interview. That meant I talked about all things nerdy - my "accomplishments", my educational interests, classes I loved, etc etc. Luckily for me, I was paired with one of the few people who found that absolutely fascinating, and my friendship with Lauren was instantly born. A few rounds of rush later, I was joining Chi Omega and going on the equivalent of speed-dates with sophomores to find my Big only to come full circle and be paired with her! For the past 5+ years of knowing her, she has become my role model in ways I never imagined. Lauren is strong, confident, determined and one of the most accomplished people I know. Only a few years out of her undergrad, she has accomplished so much in her career by merging both fashion and technology. And on top of all of that, she has been running a successful fashion blog targeting "the hip endowed" over at The Pear Shape for nearly two years.

Naturally, in my recent visit to San Francisco, I knew I had to force a photo shoot on her. And wow, I'm so thankful I did. By now a blogging veteran, she is immensely comfortable and fun in front of the camera - making my work as a photographer much easier. Learning from my collaboration with @stylemediator, I knew that I liked detail shots showing off smaller aspects of the outfit as well as tight frame close-ups. I struggled a bit with how to best take advantage of the setting sun - there were certain shots where the sun was far too bright against her, but I was able to fix a few of the issues post-editing with Camera Raw. Definitely head over to The Pear Shape to take a look at the rest of Lauren's gorgeously planned outfits!

_DSC0376_The Pear Shape _DSC0361_The Pear Shape _DSC0356_The Pear Shape _DSC0416_The Pear Shape _DSC0387_The Pear Shape _DSC0430_The Pear Shape _DSC0436_The Pear Shape _DSC0433_The Pear Shape