where the californian breeze blows by Amanda Liew


 My fascination in the ocean isn't in the color, the roar, or the strength, but in its endlessness.

Snapshots from my road trip up the Californian coast. As the winter seemingly gets colder and colder in New York City, I'm finally returning to these gloriously sunny photos and reminiscing about bare feet, californian breezes, and sunshine that never stops. For more details on my trip and FujiInstax shots, check out my previous post "thirty eight."_DSC0026_california _DSC0020_california _DSC0045_california _DSC0052_california _DSC0069_california _DSC0105_california _DSC0107_california _DSC0124_california _DSC0135_california _DSC0137_california _DSC0139_california _DSC0144_california _DSC0149_california _DSC0159 copy_california _DSC0161_california _DSC0166_california _DSC0175_california _DSC0188_california _DSC0191_california _DSC0201_california _DSC0208_california _DSC0227_california _DSC0248_california _DSC0244_california _DSC0250_california _DSC0256_california _DSC0268_california _DSC0269_california _DSC0272_california _DSC0273_california _DSC0275_california _DSC0277_california _DSC0281_california _DSC0298_california _DSC0299_california

[Stop #11 - 16]: The Caribbean by Amanda Liew


Not to be outdone by my post-graduation trip, my family insisted on taking a Caribbean cruise before I moved to New York. This trip was actually the last time our entire family would be able to do a vacation together since I was starting work and my brother was going to law school. So with only 5 days in San Diego after getting back from Malaysia, we were jetting off to a Carnival cruise boat in the Caribbean to start our adventures! Stop 11: St. Thomas Magen's Bay - frequently voted as one of the Top 10 Beaches in the World! Still not sure it was as good as Sihanoukville, Cambodia though!

_DSC0023 _DSC0013

Stop 12: Barbados - Had a chance to do a trip throughout the island to see all the various farms and plantations! The island was lush beyond belief and green for miles

_DSC0070 Is it just me or are there monkeys in every country but America? Not fair...

_DSC0073_CbnStop 13: St. Lucia - Probably my favorite port of call on the cruise. We hopped off our boat onto another to do a catamaran ride around the island. I fell in love with the cities hidden in the hills - the colors of the houses popped brightly against the foliage

_DSC0134 _DSC0104 _DSC0127

Stop 14: St. Kitts - We had the opportunity to ride on an old sugar train where we ate sugar cake as we took in the island


Stop 15: St. Maarten - I had the chance to bust out my waterproof camera yet again and couldn't believe what a clear aqua-like color the water was! Even though both my dad and I look hilarious in the picture below, I love how happy we look

IMG_6370 IMG_6390

Stop 16: San Juan, Puerto Rico - Our final stop on the cruise where we stayed an extra day to explore the city. Partially because of the extra time and partially because of the city itself, this was my favorite part of the entire trip. I loved how there was a historical aspect embedded in the entire city - every street carried such a story with it!

_DSC0184 _DSC0193 _DSC0197 _DSC0186 _DSC0222 _DSC0229 _DSC0230

It was also a great opportunity to try some delicious food at local restaurants. The cruise provided 5 meals a day of ridiculously decadent food, but it was nice to break away and try something authentic! We went to La Boveda de Triana and had an amazing seafood paella during our dinner along with other dishes of charizo, squid, eggplant and manchengo cheese, and more! The next morning we went to Cafeteria & Rest. Mallorca to get pastries - some filled with raspberry and some filled with cheese. Nomz all around!_DSC0252

With all of that, I bid my family goodbye and flew directly from Puerto Rico to JFK airport to move into my new home! What a trip. What an adventure.