Hello friends! I'm doing a little experiment. For the first time ever, I am offering up photography sessions to the public, but with a twist. I’ve had this on my heart for some time & want to use my skills to do 2 things:

  • Fundraise over $1,000 for Hope for New York
  • Provide photography at a below-market rate so people of all means can have great photos of themselves

So..I'm providing photography sessions in exchange for donations to Hope For New York! There are 2 options:

  1. Donate at least $50 (more is encouraged!) in exchange for a 20 minute photography session in Central Park
  2. Donate ANY amount to be entered into a raffle to win a 1 hour NYC session with me at some point in the future

Saturday, November 26th
1-4pm (20 minute blocks)
Central Park Conservatory Garden

Interested? Email me at contact [at] amandaliew.com to see which spots are still remaining!

$50 for 20 minutes

How do I sign up for a photography session?
Contact me first so we can hash out the details & time slot. If there is one that is available, I will ask that you send me your donation receipt or Venmo me if you’d prefer I do it.

Can I donate more than the minimum? 
YES PLEASE. That is the hope & goal! 

What’s included in 20 minutes? 
The photo session itself + editing time + a minimum of 15 photos (but I will happily give you all the good shots if there are more)

Can I do more than 20 minutes? 
Yes! 40 minutes = minimum $100 donation, 60 minutes = minimum $150 donation.

Can I do a family session / friend session / couples session? 
Absolutely! If you have a large family, though, I would recommend doing a one hour session to ensure we have enough time.

How many sessions are available?
A total of nine 20 minute sessions are available during the 3 our time block (1-4pm): 1:00, 1:20, 1:40, 2:00, 2:20, 2:40, 3:00, 3:20, 3:40. Some people may opt to take more than 20 minutes though.


How do I enter the raffle? 
Go ahead and donate at hfny.org/donate and send me the receipt with a note that you'd like to enter the raffle? The winner will be picked at random on Thanksgiving at 11:59pm EST.

How much should I donate to enter the raffle?
Whatever is pressing on your heart! I encourage you to give generously.

Can I enter the raffle for someone else?
Sure thing! That's so nice of you.


Why Hope for New York? 
I want to pour back into NYC. HFNY does an incredible job of partnering with local churches and non-profits who have a good understanding of the needs in the community. They help to mobilize volunteers and allocate funding appropriately. There are many other non-profits on my heart, and if this experiment goes well, I hope to do more in the future for other non-profits! city Read more about it here: hfny.org/about

Why the Central Park Conservatory Garden? 
Because there are less tourists & the fall foliage near there is beautiful! 

Why are you doing this?
I love photography, but I don't want to be a professional photographer. I often struggle with finding the right balance between using my skills to serve other people but also not devaluing my time & effort by doing things for free. This is my solution for now!

Are you taking a cut of this?
Nope. 100% is going to Hope for New York and I'm donating my time to making this happen.