Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 9.34.08 PMAfter months of dreaming, in May 2014, Amanda Liew founded The Photograph Collective and brought the dream into reality. From the start, the group was meant for amateur photographers that could help each other expand both technically and creatively. Since then, the group has expanded to around a dozen photographers from around the world, rotating through different projects and critiquing one another's work. To see the full website for The Photograph Collective, please click here. For inquiries, please contact

The Photograph Collective was born from a feeling of stagnancy and frustration. As a student in a Digital Photography course, I was constantly progressing and learning more in terms of technique, but also who I was as an artist. After that point, however, I witnessed myself fall into the same patterns over and over again – not developing a personal style, but falling into a rut of repetition. I missed being forced to work within the confines of someone else’s challenge, yet allowing myself to expand and grow through that. I craved the group mentality where we were invested in each other’s art, providing critique and suggestions. It’s difficult to improve when you’re isolated in a bubble. The Photograph Creative hopes to end that.

To view Amanda's projects for The Photograph Collective, please see below:

Project 1: Parallels in the Differences Project 2: Namesake  Project 3: Plenty Moving, Little Crossing Project 4: Stop Playing With Your Food